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Chakra Healing Crystal Set

Chakra Healing Crystal Set

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Chakra Crystals are an essential part of chakra balancing and healing. They can be used during meditation, placed directly on the chakras, or simply carried with you throughout the day to feel their healing elements. There are specific crystals that heal and balance each chakra. 

 Chakra points are aligned along the spinal column and are connected to specific glands and organs in the body. The chakras are associated with the colors of the rainbow.  Chakra Crystals are beneficial because they carry colorful healing vibrations. The 7 chakras are:

Chakra/Gland or Organ Associated
Crown (purple)/Pineal Gland
Third Eye (indigo)/Pituitary Gland
Throat (blue)/Thyroid
Heart (green)/Thymus
Solar Plexus (yellow)/Pancreas
Sacral (orange)/Ovaries or Testicles
Root (red)/Adrenal Glands

Why Balance the Chakras?
When the chakras are aligned we are happy, healthy, and vibrant. When they are out of balance we manifest symptoms in the area of the body associated with that particular chakra. These symptoms can be mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, or a combination of the four. 


Our Chakra Healing Crystal Set includes 7 chakra crystals, a selenite stick for clearing the crystals, a crystal carrying bag, and an instruction guide for crystal clearing and programming.  All of the crystals included in the set are raw and can be a variation of the pictured crystals, since each one is unique.
* Crystals in the LARGE set measure approximately 2-3".
* Crystals in the SMALL set measure approximately 1-2".
The supporting crystals in the Chakra Healing Crystal set:
Raw Clear Quartz Point- Crown Chakra
Raw Amethyst- Third Eye Chakra
Raw Blue Apatite- Throat Chakra
Raw Chrysocolla- Heart Chakra
Raw Citrine- Solar Plexus
Raw Carnelian- Sacral Chakra
Raw Black Tourmaline- Root Chakra
Bonus: 2" Selenite Stick 
Clears the crystals and dissolves negative energy.


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