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Chakra Healing Bracelets

Chakra Healing Bracelets

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Conveniently wear your healing chakra crystals while on the go!  Our Chakra Healing Bracelets are not only stylish, they also help to balance the 7 chakras.  The bracelets contain colored crystals that correspond with each chakra.  

Chakra points are aligned along the spinal column and are connected to specific glands and organs in the body. The chakras are associated with the colors of the rainbow.  Chakra crystals are beneficial because they carry colorful healing vibrations. 

Each bracelet is 6.5cm in diameter (unstretched) and one size fits all in most cases. All bracelets include the following crystals, which are 8mm in size:

Root Chakra - Red Agate 

Sacral Chakra - Amber

Solar Plexus Chakra - Tiger's Eye

Heart Chakra - Green King 

Throat Chakra - Turquoise 

Third Eye Chakra - Lapiz Lazuli

Crown Chakra - Amethyst 

All bracelets have the same center crystals. There are three different band options.

The Lava band option can be infused with essential oils for added benefits.


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